Learn how Petroteq is putting the environment first.


Environmental stewardship
through technology

Petroteq is committed to producing energy that is essential to propelling our global communities and economies forward in a way that protects and restores the planet. We are engineering solutions to mitigate the monumental risks of climate change while using remediation efforts to reverse the negative trends. Our technology consumes no water, has no waste tailings ponds, produces no emissions, and cleans oil sands of hydrocarbons, returning a cleaned sand as part of an overall ESG strategy.

TECHNOLOGY Remediation Sustainability

As a new-age resource development company, our responsibilities go far beyond producing the energy that society needs. We have a duty to develop socially responsible practices that ensure environmental integrity while creating shareholder value.

Alex Blyumkin


Water Saved Daily per Barrel

We SAVE about 2.0-2.5 bbls of water compared to conventional oil sands (This is water that ends up in ponds and is not recycled). We USE 10-20 bbls LESS water per bbl of oil produced as compared to conventional oil sands. The total amount saved is still not clear, because they recycle some of their water. We also SAVE about 0.4 bbls of water compared to fracked wells and USE about 2-3 bbls LESS water than conventional fracked wells.

Energy Saved per Barrel

Estimated savings of 100-250 kW per bbl produced as compared to conventional oil sands, which represents about a $5/bbl reduction in energy consumption versus the Clarke Hot Water Process.

CO2 Reduction per Barrel

We SAVE about 75 KG of COW per bbl compared to conventional oil sands in the extraction and processing of oil, this means about 60-75% reduction.

Sand Remediated per Barrel

Average of 1.5 tons of sand remediated per bbl of oil produced.

Disclaimer: these metrics are compared to the industry standard of other oil extraction methods.