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  • 10/19/21
  • 1:04 PM
Petroteq Announces Letter to Shareholders from R. G. Bailey, CEO and Chairman
  • 10/07/21
  • 11:06 AM
CORRECTION: Petroteq Provides Update on TSXV Application for Reinstatement
  • 10/07/21
  • 3:05 AM
Petroteq Provides Update on TSXV Application for Reinstatement
  • 09/27/21
  • 1:05 PM
Petroteq Energy Announces Completion of Quadrise Testing Program
  • 09/23/21
  • 2:07 PM
Petroteq Provides a Corporate Update
  • 09/17/21
  • 1:06 PM
Petroteq Provides a Corporate Update
  • 09/04/21
  • 3:06 PM
Petroteq Receives Confirmation of Proof of Funds From Bidder
  • 09/04/21
  • 3:06 PM
Petroteq Announces Revocation of Cease Trade Order
  • 08/20/21
  • 1:03 PM
Management Update on Filing of Financials
  • 08/13/21
  • 1:04 PM
Management Update

We put the environment first

PIONEERING OUR SOLUTION, we have spent more than a decade and $10’s of millions of dollars developing an efficient technology engineered to produce heavy oil at a target rate below $20/bbl. But we are MORE THAN JUST ENERGY; we produce oil without any significant waste, emissions or water use. We have removed the unwanted externalities from oil production that can be seen in other oil sands operations, fracking, and even conventional wells. So instead, our process LOOKS MORE LIKE REMEDIATION of oil-bearing near-surface sands that are cleaned to EPA Tier 1 quality before being returned, leaving the world a little cleaner than we found it.

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Waterless oil sand production


Cutting edge sand remediation


Producing oil without emissions


Deleted: Nearly 100% extraction from rock from rock

ESG Energy

Environment-friendly energy productio

Zero Emissions Technology

Powered by Eco-conscious Innovation

Petroteq is a company that economically produces oil, but there is much more to its technology. We are about to show the world that we have solved the challenge of clean production of near-surface oil sands. Our technology consumes no water, has no waste tailings ponds, produces no emissions, and cleans oil sands of hydrocarbons, returning cleaned sand as part of an overall ESG strategy.

The future of oil sand technology

    Utah a Unique Resource

    Our Utah oil sands reserves possess a unique heavy oil resource which contains almost no sulfur.
    The heavy sweet oil meets IMO 2020 standards and is on par with production from the Bakken and the Permian basins.

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